A new telecom experience

Our mission

Simplifying your business phone system

Working remotely, mobility, nomadism, freelancing: the traditional business phone system just isn’t adapted to the reality of today’s professional environment. RingOver, pioneer in cloud-based telecom and creator of innovative services for over 12 years, is constantly working to revolutionise and simplify the professional phone system.

Man using Ringover at home

Wirelessness: the phoneless phone

Welcome to a world without devices, fax machines, phone systems or landlines. Take advantage of the power of the cloud and digitisation thanks to 100% wireless solutions.

Enjoy all the features of classic business phone system. Your phone and fax numbers follow you anywhere, all the time from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

The power of the cloud in your hand

Our Strength

A solid experience in telecom

Created in 2005, Ringover Group (formerly BJT Partners) is a telecom operator registered with Ofcom and interconnected with the largest networks (Orange, SFR, BICS, Telecom Italia, TATA). The group possesses its own infrastructure, telecommunications servers, and phone numbers in metropolitan France and overseas: no outsourcing to third parties.

In addition, the group supplies technological equipment to independent mobile network operators and operates a mobile license in Mayotte.


Quality of service and user experience comes first

With 12 years of experience developing telecom solutions for companies and individuals alike, we’ve acquired the expertise and built the infrastructure necessary to bring you the best of IP (VoIP) telecom, all while guaranteeing an exceptional level of service.

From the first line of code to customer service, everything happens internally in our Paris offices, ensuring that we stay close and responsive to our clients. We have the greatest respect for your trust in us, and we’re committed to working every day to maintain it.

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More than 25,000 companies have put their trust in us

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A human enterprise...in full growth

Fully self-financed by our founders, we’ve put horizontal management into practice, encouraging a technophile culture and a fulfilling, lively working environment. Would you like to contribute to the transformation of professional telecom? Good news! We’re always looking for new talent.

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